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10 Important Rules You Should Follow For Weight Loss

Daily Gist Staff



Important Rules You Should Follow For Weight Loss

Our eating habits defines the structure of our body as we tend to keep a constant weight or gain weight with our eating habits. There are certain rules that needs to be followed when we plan to lose the excess weight off our body.

Simple rules will help in weight Loss Easily

It does not mean that we should completely deprive ourselves from eating food and go on a crash diet instead we should plan a healthy diet that helps in a healthy weight loss for our body. It is important to get rid of the excess weight as it leads to obesity and heart attack as well. So to maintain a healthy diet and keep your body fit follow a simple diet that is full of nutrition.

Simple rules will help in weight Loss Easily

What Foods Should Be Avoided?

There are certain foods that adds kilos on our body in the form of fat, these foods should be avoided at any cost. Foods like carbonated drinks, packaged foods, juices, snacks, sweets, rice and butter should be avoided to keep your weight constant.

Always go for fiber rich fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and proteins that helps in keeping out body healthy and full of energy. This also keeps our weight in check and it remains towards the healthy side.

Rules To Follow For Losing Stubborn Weight

Here are certain rules that you should follow for a healthy body and mind.

1. Keep Away From Stimulants

Stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol and sugar should be avoided at any cost. If you wish to have moderate amount of coffee or tea then it is advisable to take just 1 cup in the whole day with meals. Never consume coffee or tea on an empty stomach for your better health.

2. Eat More Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and veggies contain fiber that helps in reducing weight

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, iron and vitamins that are essential for our body’s growth. Fruits also helps in reducing the weight as they contain lot of water that flushes out toxins and chemicals from our body giving us a healthy weight and body in return.

Eat More Fruits

3. Keep Breakfast Healthy

Never skip your breakfast as this is the golden rule for your healthy body. Also have something nutritious for your breakfast that keeps on releasing energy in the body slowly for the whole day. Eat a bowl of dalia, yogurt or oats for breakfast as this will keep your weight in check and you will remain healthy as well.

4. Drink Water

Believe it or not but drinking 8 glasses of water everyday keeps your health on an upper side. It flushes out toxins and chemicals out from your body and also keeps your skin glowing with health. Water helps in pushing your metabolism up and builds up energy and immunity in the body.

5. Eat Small Meals

When you eat small meals then there will be a small gap between your meals and then the food will not be converted into the fats, instead it will be tuned into the energy and this will boost your metabolism by keeping your healthy and active.Small meals are easy to digest and they convert into energy in our body

6. Eat Dinner Early

Your last meal or dinner should be in your stomach two hours before hitting the bed. The ideal time for eating the dinner is 7-8 PM. You must sleep by 10 PM as food gets digested within two hours of your consumption giving you a healthy weight and body in return.

7. Restrict Calories

Your calorie intake should be restricted and watch your calorie count when it comes to eating sweets, pastries, cake, fried food, pizza,burger. Avoid junk food and sweets completely to get a healthy weight.

8. Increase The Intake Of Cereals

Eat cereals in breakfast for high energy and maintained weight

Start your day by taking multi-grain or cereals for breakfast as they helps in boosting the energy level and keeps excess weight at bay. You can also go for dry fruits by eating handful of them in the morning as they will help in increasing your energy level for the rest of the day.

9. Protein Diet

Take protein diet on daily basis for maintaining a healthy weight and building up muscles as well. Proteins also helps in building the tissues, muscles and cartilages in the body that gives your body a toned look and keeps excess weight at bay. Protein is available in the form of pulses, cheese, milk, green vegetables, sprouts and white meat.

10. Healthy Carbs

Choose your crab diet wisely as it leads to excess weight as our body turns the consumed carbohydrates into fat. Healthy carbs like brown rice, millets such as ragi and oats are examples of good carbohydrates that benefits the body and keeps it healthy.

With these golden rules you will never ever face the problem of weight gain or obesity and your health will remain fine in the long run. So just follow these simple tips and be ready for those compliments for a slim and toned body.

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