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Charles Awuzie warns users over new scam as man post picture asking for money or else to end his life



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Nigerians have had the reputation for the ‘Yahoo Yahoo fraud’ a collaborative scam whereby Nigerians make illegal gains from people by means of credit cards, online dating scams with foreign women and the latest trend to take advantage of tragedies to enrich themselves.

Following the recent passing of church minister who hanged himself with a belt in Nigeria over depression and other moral issues, other people gained momentum online to fake depressive behaviour to make money.

Charles Awuzie a cyber expert based in South Africa has exposed a man who parades himself as depressed, threatening to end his life by taking sniper pills unless people send money to his bank account for his business.

Charles Awuzie who specialises in fishing out petty criminals on the web, warns Africans not to fall victim of this new glamourize dishonest scheme, he wrote on Facebook:

So Nigerians now want to use suicide to blackmail everyone…
Now listen very well…… There’s a difference between Depression and Poverty…. When you are depressed, even money will make no sense to you…. In fact, more rich people are depressed than poor people…. Yes, poverty may lead to depression, but poverty is not depression.
Anyone who tries to blackmail us with suicide should please rethink their strategy because WE ARE INTELLIGENT BEINGS in an intelligent generation.
If you need help, ask for help and don’t blackmail anyone with suicide.

To everyone who is part of the #iStandWithYou campaign, please focus on supporting only those who genuinely need your attention. Exercise intelligence and discernment so you don’t waste energy and time on Nigerians who just want to mock this campaign.

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