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What Senator Ben Bruce said will make you feel sorry for Nigeria



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Speaking of the world’s headquarters for extreme poverty, Nigerians have long forgotten what it means to be patriotic in a nation bereft of good governance. The masses have come to accept the fact that they are being used as pawns by politicians who value power more than the people who place them in those positions of authority. Aren’t political office holders suppose to serve the people?

It only get worse when even high profile Nigerians especially those in power also admitting that indeed, the country has nosedived in almost all metrics of development as can be felt in every aspect of the Nigerian life. That the country is ranked 6th among the most miserable countries in the world speaks volume on the degree of failure by government and the travails of the average Nigerian.

There are many Nigerians who have had enough and refused to be silent in the wake of the ills of bad governance in the country. One of them is Nigeria’s outgoing Senator aka the Common Sense Senator, Ben Murray Bruce.

Bruce was particularly blunt in his admission that Nigeria is truly the world’s headquarters for extreme poverty in a recent jab posted on his official Facebook page. Bruce who recently attended his son’s graduation from a US high school, appeared troubled by the fact that Nigerians living outside the country had to go through the hassles of obtaining a visa when returning back to the country. He said, a country with immense talents and skills in foreign lands should have done more to encourage those living in the diaspora alongside their children, to easily return to the country visa free.

Whether Bruce’s post has anything to do with his family affairs or not is not what matters here, but he went further to say that no sane Nigerian in the diaspora living the lives of their dreams, would want to return to the “world’s headquarters for extreme poverty”. In fact, he wondered why the Nigerian government is attaching relevance to the Nigerian nation by requiring visa from diasporans seeking to return to the country. He then threw a heavy punch saying, They don’t need us. We need them.”

Not sure there’s a better way to carpet the Nigerian nation as things currently stand. Yes, patriotism should never be murdered in the country. However, irrespective of what you make of Senator Bruce’s jab at the Nigerian nation of which he is a Senator, it simply goes down to the moment of Truths. We cannot as Nigerians excuse bad governance under the guise of patriotism. Perhaps, these has been the sole reason our leaders see us as nothing but cows raised for their milk, meats and hides.

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