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WARNING: You might need to stop kissing, new killer bacteria disease in town



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Kissers should suspend kissing for now as a deadly bacteria disease spread through kissing is killing people in England

Kissers should stop kissing right away, in their own interest!. A ‘very serious’ outbreak of a rare bacterial infection spread through kissing and touching has been reported in England.

It has already killed 12 persons in in Essex and it is spreading. reported 32 reported cases of the disease, called invasive Group A streptococcus (iGAS), quoting the NHS Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group.

Experts said the bacteria can be found in the throat and on the skin – and people may carry it without displaying any symptoms.

It can live in throats and on hands for long enough to allow easy spread between people through sneezing, kissing and skin contact.

Public Health England called it a ‘local incident’, but warned it has a ‘high risk’ of causing further fatalities.

Reports said the outbreak started in Braintree and has since spread to the Chelmsford and Maldon areas, but a timeline has been given.

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