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JUST IN!! South African Police Shoot At IPOB Members Protesting Against Buhari



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Happening in South Africa 03/October/2019.

Reliable news reaching gathered that South African police are currently protecting Buhari by shooting a rubber bullets on IPOB members who were protesting peacefully against Buhari’s lead government in South Africa.

The incident that happened in Pretoria South Africa today between South African police force and IPOB members carrying out a peaceful protest against the Imposter Jubril-Buhari Al-sudani, the fake president in Aso Rock has proven that the Xenophobic attack of last month was a deliberate plan against our people but it was unfortunate that the locals who carried out the operation missed their prime targets as drawn down by the Buhari Fulani Government of Nigeria and supported by the South African Government.

If not so, why would the South African police attack the protesters unprovoked? Do people have no right to protest over the killing, kidnapping, unjustly imprisonment of Biafrans anymore and if people can protest against same imposter and his administration in front of United Nation without been harassed or attacked in America, why is it different in South Africa?

TODAY 3RD OF OCTOBER 2019 under the administration of this evil man who is the current president of of South Africa. The Indigenous People of Biafra was denied our civic right TO PROTEST FOR THE GENOCIDES THAT IS BEING COMMITTED ON Biafrans on DAILY BASES BY NIGERIAN BUHARI LED GOVERNMENT. That South African president has forgotten that the freedom which him and his people are enjoying in South Africa today was financed by the Nigeria government through Biafra Crude Oil money. I also hope he remember that Nelson Mandela was in exile here in Igbo part of Biafra. We welcomed him as our brother, we protected him and supported him with everything we have till he got victory.

But today, they are paying we (Biafrans) back with brutality, teargas and rubber bullets are been used on our people by the South African Government as our reward. But posterity will judge them in no distance time. I assured them this!. The same POLICE SERVICE that South Africa Government couldn’t use to protect the lives of other Africans during the time of Xenophobia to prevent loss of lives and property were now been used on innocent IPOB MEMBERS TO DISPERSE THEIR GATHERING in order to satisfy the Fulani Herdsmen control Government of Nigeria.

We will always remember those that join hands to hold us down in our difficult days, murder our people and destroy our livelihoods. The world will bear us witness at the right time because they must be judge by their deeds.

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