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Nigeria means ‘DARKNESS’, nothing good comes from darkness — Fani-Kayode



By Fani-Kayode

1. Port Harcourt was named after a British man named Lord Lewis Vernon Harcourt who was a rapist and a paedophile.

History records that he enjoyed to have sexual liasons with both underage girls AND boys.
Simply put, he was a sadistic pervert and a sex maniac who could not control his lustful passions.

After he was exposed and faced with public condemnation he committed suicide in his London home on February 24 1922.
Rivers state please CHANGE the name of your capital!

2. Lord Frederick Lugard and wife Flora Shaw gave Nigeria her name. History records that they were both closet Lucifereans who were members of numerous underground satanist and devil-worshipping societies, covens and temples. Their union was childless and Lugard was cremated in a thorougly bizarre, mystical and ritualistic ceremony when he died.

The meaning of the word “NIGERIA” from the latin word “NIGER” (meaning “BLACK”) is “BLACK AREA, AREA OF DARKNESS OR BLACK SPOT”.

Most African nations changed their names after independence. Sadly Nigeria did not. I guess that explains a lot about why things are the way they are in our country. Can anything good come out of darkness?

3. Sir George Dashwood Taubman Goldie KCMG FRS played a major role in the founding of Nigeria.

Although his importance in West Africa equalled that of Cecil John Rhodes in South Africa he differed from Rhodes in his preference for obscurity: he destroyed his papers and pronounced a curse on any of his children or anyone else should they write about him and specifically about his role in the founding of Nigeria after his death.
I have often wondered why the man that is undoubtedly the real father of the Nigerian nation-state would place a curse on his children or anyone else that may endeavour to write about what, to all intents and purposes, was his greatest achievement.

After 12 years of meditation and research I have finally come to the conclusion that it was because he did not want to go down in history as being the father of an “area of darkness”, a cursed state and jinxed union which was designed and destined to fail right from the start.

I believe that Goldie knew and saw Nigeria as something of an offering to the devil. This was a man–made and artificial entity which was set up only to serve the commercial, pecuniary and mercantile interests of the British empire and which had clearly diabolical foundations and an equally diabolical and Luciferean name.

It was clear to him that one day, if this strange, hybrid entity of incompatible bedfellows and irreconcilable strangers remained together, it would turn into hell on earth and become a reference point for incompetence, failure, shame and all manner of abomination, savagery, wickedness and barbarity.

He did not want history to remember, record or associate him with the Frankenstein monster that he had created. I guess he was a smart man who saw far ahead but unfortunatrly for him the cat is now out of the bag.

What Sir George Goldie, Lord Lugard, Flora Shaw, Lord Harcourt and the British monarchs and colonial authorities did to us by creating this monsterous mongrel state and insisting that it must remain together as one will never be forgotten.

Their names will go down in the halls of infamy forever.



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