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Visa Free Policy: A sad way to end Nigeria



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We might hopefully, not see any more controversial policy by the Buhari administration in the few remains days of an eventful 2019 — a year that will for years, be remembered for mostly the wrong reasons.

It takes no gimmick to realize how low Nigeria has gone under a supposedly democratic government. It’s very much like the case of sowing a wind and reaping a whirlwind in return. But, Nigerians where full of optimism when the man they thought would write the wrongs of the pasts, was declared winner of the 2015 presidential election.

The downfall of his predecessor (Goodluck Jonathan) was greeted with whirled jubilation across parts of the country where the yearning for a change was as strong as a tsunami. The celebration was so whirled that you’d think Jonathan was the worst thing to have ever happen to Nigeria. But time they say, never lies.

It didn’t take long for the signs of what is to come, to finally hit the surface. Almost all the very reasons Jonathan was ousted in the first place, multiplied under the new government of Integrity. All that Buhari stood against prior to becoming president, he took to a whole new level. Whether or not this was the change Nigerians were promised, it later became clear to not only the ‘wailers’, but even this administration’s ardent supporters, that they’ve been scammed.

There’s virtually nothing the current administration does that isn’t controversial. It’s policies are in the most part, strange and questionable especially in a polarize country like ours.

One major problem with the Buhari administration is its failure to build trust and sense of belonging among the populace. Even more troubling, is Buhari’s unwillingness to heed the voices of the masses. The gulf between the government and the governed is as wide as the east is to the west.

But then, nothing done by this government comes as a surprise. That it makes sense to shut the country’s borders halting economic activities between Nigeria and its neighbors, but open up the country to all Africans to move in without Visa yet complain about insecurity, summed up everything that is wrong with this government.

The Buhari administration admittedly said it has been pursuing unpopular policies, but which it believes is in the best interest of the country. What it didn’t say however, is its basis for deciding what’s good for a people whose voices it disregards.

If previous policies by the Buhari administration weren’t controversial enough, it’s latest decision to grant other Africans a free pass into a country already ravaged by decades of insecurity and ethnic clashes, is not only half-witted and totally gross, but extremely suspicious especially when the Buhari government is believed to harbor hidden agenda against Christians and other ethnic groups in the country.
Fani-Kayode in a reaction to the new development, described Buhari’s visa-free policy as ‘dangerous, self-serving and self-seeking’. He said the policy if allowed to stand, will spell doom for a country already on a life-support.

“The Fulanis of north and west Africa, rejected and unwanted elsewhere, have finally been given what they wanted all along: a homeland of their own. They will flood Nigeria in their millions and within 5 years our demographics will change forever, ‘ the former Aviation Minister said on facebook.

He continued, “Simply put, a visa-free policy for Africans to come into Nigeria is a shameless and subtle attempt to alter the racial and religious demographics of our country and open our front door for mass Fulani, Berber, Taureg and Arab migration into our shores.

“By the time they come here from all over north and west Africa and settle down, we the indigenous people of Nigeria will be a tiny minority. The next thing they will do is to implement RUGA to the letter and take our land and insist on sharia law being implemented all over the country.

“It is a dangerous, self-serving and self-seeking policy which will ultimately result in great conflict, carnage, racial and religious strife and total catastrophe. In an attempt to implement an ancient agenda of Fulani hegemony and turn us into a conquered and enslaved people Buhari, his born to rule co-travellers and their vast legion of slavish sympathisers and supporters are likely to set Nigeria on fire.

“You will not believe me now just as you did not believe me when I warned about the true nature of Buhari in 2015 and the grave consequences of electing him as President.

“Yet my words have proved to be prophetic and just as I have been vindicated on Buhari I shall be vindicated on this matter of the grave and dangerous consequences of visa-free mass migration by vagrant, stateless and nomadic Africans into our shores.

“With this irresponsible, unpatriotic, dangerous and self-serving policy, I repeat, we are playing with fire and sitting on a keg of gunpowder which will eventually explode. It will be the final nail in the coffin of a united Nigeria. May God deliver us from the coming evil.”

There is simply no better way to describe this potentially dangerous route the Buhari administration is leading the country. It is amazing that those fighting against the disintegration of the country, are the very ones doing everything within their power, to destroy.

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