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Sanusi is the educated version of Buhari, He defended Herdsmen when they killed Christians – Reno Omokri



Reno Omokri has said that the Deposed Emir of Kano, Sanu, is another version of Buhari.


Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is the educated version of General Buhari He is as nepotistic and has the same level of religious bigotry as Buhari. Read of Sanusi’s involvement in the saga of 13-year-old Ese Oruru’s abduction to Kano by Yunusa

When herdsmen killed hundreds of Christians in Taraba, Emir Sanusi defended them and accused Taraba Christians of killing 800 herdsmen. When asked for evidence Sanusi had none. Sanusi is a religious bigot. But Nigerians have short memory.

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“Because Sanusi gave El-Rufai a contract of hundreds of millions when he was Central Bank Governor. Please don’t take my word for it. Google it. The number one problem facing Southern Nigeria is short memory. The North doesn’t have that problem

“Those claiming Sanusi was deposed to pave way for him to run are naive. Even the North will reject him. The real strategy is that elrufai rushed to his defense in order to cash in on Southern sympathy for Sanusi and use it to power his own Presidential ambition

“Anyone saying Sanusi exposed corruption during Jonathan’s administration is ignorant. There was no $49.8 billion missing. There was no $22 billion missing. There was no $12 billion missing. There was no $10.8 billion missing. Sanusi lied. He is a liar. Period!