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Side Chicks Gist!! My Husband Spends My Money On His Side Chicks, i Will Kick Him Out Of My House – Woman



Nigerian woman narrates How she employed her husband in her company before they got married and he spends her money on his side chicks.


“Let me tell you the full story. I don’t think any woman will tolerate this. I met my husband when he actually came to apply for work at my company. I picked interest in him. to cut the long story short, I was the one actually taking care of him. He doesn’t have a girlfriend at all. I bought a jeep for him. Gave him a good position in my company.

He packed in and live with me. At a point, I started suspecting he’s cheating. I already have two kids for him. I asked him he denied it. Just recently I found out he is cheating full time and the painful part is that he is actually taking care of those girls with my money.

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“There was a night he called me and said he needs 10k airtime Urgently. I wanted to transfer, he said no that I should buy the card and send. I went out in search of that card, at 11 pm. I kept it on my bed snapped it and send to him.

“I have been suspecting and he keeps denying. I checked through his messenger and I saw that he sent that airtime to a girl he was spinning on Facebook. Imagine I went and bought airtime for my husband side chick also saw that he gave two ladies belle in 2017 and they born the child. He didn’t tell me.

“In 2019 one of the girls that born for him in 2017 born another one. Meaning he now has 2 baby mama and 3 children, men are wicked.

“If you are in my shoes, will you accept him back??? Those girls flocking around him think he has money. since they claim they love him, they should be with him. I asked him why he is cheating. his response was that they are the ones coming after him. That it’s not always easy for a man to say no. I don’t have the strength to fight. I just left the house with my kids and traveled out to cool off.

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“I have an instruction that they should sack him from my company. I am not done with him yet. I am still hurting and healing, when I am ready, I will come back to Nigeria and kick him out of my house. I read a chart where one of them was assuring him that she is not after his money. that she loves him for who he is. Now it is time to prove it. Go back to them and don’t disturb my life. Please am I doing well??