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I am the King of Satan, if i want to kill you, i will ask God for his Grace – Native Doctor



Native Doctor

A Nigerian native doctor, Simon Odo, Onu Uwa, from Enugu state During an Interview with VANGUARD, says that he is the king of Satan, that if he wants to kill anyone, he will ask God for his grace.


“If there are 20 dead men in Nigeria for instance, only five of them died naturally. The other 15 were caused by heartbreaks and bad attitudes from their wives. That is why I marry anytime a woman insults me.

I am the King of Satan, God did not make mistakes by giving me plenty of children, he provides for all His creatures. my actions of humanity have put God in a state of confusion.

“If I want to kill you, I will ask God for His grace. The person I want to kill will also ask God for his protection. The armed robbers on the highway pray to God for the success of their operations, while roads users pray to the same God for protection against robbers. God is confused about the actions of humanity because of their evil actions.

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“God has abandoned humanity due to the spate of evils they perpetrate. He no longer answers our prayers because we have no love for Him or our fellow human beings. Children do not obey their parents anymore, this was not the case when I was young. There was absolute respect for elders then.

“There are four of us who people use to dupe unsuspecting members of the public. The first person is God, the second person is Jesus Christ, then queen of oceans, and myself, the king of Satan. People go about claiming that I am their father and that they can perform all sorts of miraculous healing. To be frank with you, I did not train anybody in traditional medicine, so those people are fraudsters.

People also go about claiming false prophecies from God, Jesus Christ, and queen of oceans; claiming that they heard from God, and duping people of their hard-earned treasures. They are 419ners and people should be wary of such them,” he warned.