3 Proven Reasons Why You Have A Small Joystick

Have you ever wondered what is the cause of your small joystick? I was browsing on the net checking up the average sizes of the male organ and all I’ve found out the average length is like 5.5 – 6.5 inches and that’s probably not even bone pressed.
I began to wonder what actually determines natural joystick size?

What is it that causes some people to be blessed and others to be burned? I also wonder if there is anything that could be done in puberty to make sure that the joystick has a good size when all the natural growing is done.

This world has no place for people with joystick’s under 6 inches. We all know that women want a size that is at least average so why should anybody have to suffer through being under average?

I decided to help you answer all the above questions below:

You inherited your joystick size from your parent. So at the moment of conception the die was cast. Yet there are factors in your diet and environment that can affect the final outcome.

We can think of your DNA as a blueprint. In this blueprint are the specs for your joystick size. During critical growth periods in your life, your body grew your joystick to the specs that are encoded in your DNA. Once the goal (specified by your DNA blueprint) was reached, growth stopped.

Other than genetics, It’s my personal belief that the mother’s diet (while she’s pregnant) plays a big role. Certain drugs that the mother may take during the pregnancy may cause micro-joystick. I know drugs that prevent miscarriages have been known to cause micro-joystick.

I don’t know how true is this but according to research, Women who eat chicken while pregnant give birth to boys with smaller joysticks, due to the effects of the chemical phthalate which is found in chicken flesh. so ladies take not if you want your child to have a nice lenghty joystick.

I also read somewhere that being deprived of sleep at puberty stage can also cause a man to have a small joystick.

All the same does joystick size matter to women? And how small is too small for you?

Written for Looknaija

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