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5 Easy Ways to Prepare Chamomile Face Packs at Home

Daily Gist Staff



Easy Ways to Prepare Chamomile Face Packs at Home

Every woman desires radiant and glowing skin. Chamomile face pack is an efficient and inexpensive way to get a clear and bright face.

Wondering how to make chamomile face packs. Just read our article. In this section, I will tell easy ways to make homemade chamomile face masks. But, first, let us know what the beauty benefits of chamomile are.

Beauty Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory thus it is excellent for the acne-prone and sensitive skin. It soothes skin and makes it soft. It cures skin issues such as pimples and eczema as it is antibacterial and antifungal. It hydrates and moisturises the skin.



Being an excellent healer, it heals minor skin issues and also is a natural disinfectant. Also, chamomile eliminates skin irritants. Rich in antioxidant it eliminates free radicals and rejuvenates the skin. This slows the ageing process and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Chamomile is also a natural skin lightener. When mixed with other skin care ingredients it increases their effectiveness

Let us how to make chamomile face masks at home

5 Chamomile Face Masks

Chamomile, Honey and Oatmeal Face Mask

oatmeal is rich in salicylic acid, and it has exfoliating properties. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and a natural exfoliator. Brea a cup of chamomile tea. In one-fourth cup of chamomile tea add one teaspoon baking soda and one tablespoon honey. Mix the ingredients and apply it on your face and neck. Wait for 10 minutes and then rinse your face with water. This is followed by application of moisturiser.


Chamomile and Almond Face Mask

Chamomile and almond face mask removes dead skin cells and lightens skin colour. Empty the contents of 1 chamomile tea bag in a bowl and add tablespoon oatmeal, two tablespoon honey and 3-4 drops of almond oil. Mix the ingredients and apply on your face. Wait for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes rinse it off and pat dry.


Chamomile, White sugar and Olive oil Face Mask

White sugar exfoliates dead skin cells. Chamomile, sugar and olive oil face mask moisturises, relaxes and soothes skin. Empty the content of a tea bag in a bowl and add a half cup of white sugar and a half cup of olive oil to it. Mix well and store the mixture in an airtight container. Before using it rinse your face with warm water and apply the face mask on your face. Avoid the area around eyes as they are sensitive. After 20 minutes rinse off the face mask with regular water and then pat it dry.

 Milk and chamomile tea face mask

Brew a cup of chamomile tea. Pour two tablespoon of chamomile tea in a bowl and add a tablespoon of milk and a pinch of turmeric to it. Mix well, apply on your face and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Chamomile and aloe vera face mask

Aloe vera is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and has cooling properties. Chamomile and aloe vera face mask soothes skin, and with its regular use, your skin starts glowing. Empty the ingredients of a chamomile tea bag in a bowl and also add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and a teaspoon of jojoba oil to it Mix the ingredients and apply on your face. After 20 minutes rinse it off. This is followed by using moisturiser.

For every day skin care chamomile is one of the ingredients that you should consider. Chamomile is even useful for sensitive, dry skin. It reduces skin pigmentation. Start using any of the chamomile face masks, be regular with its use and just in a few couples of the week you will get repaired, purified, clear and glowing skin.