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Actor Tokunbo Awoga Exposes How Actors Get The Cars They Flaunt On Instagram

Daily Gist Staff



Actor Tokunbo Awoga has exposed his fellow Nollywood actors who show off cars on Instagram with claims that they just newly purchased them. According to Tokunbo Awoga, many of such instances have to do with the actors/actresses getting those cars from car dealers on higher purchase. He even spoke of a colleague of his in the industry who still warms the bed of a car dealer after she got a car from him which she flaunted on Instagram.

Tokunbo Awoga wrote:

I seriously
don’t know what is wrong with people these days, you post houses, cars
etc… You do a picture mix of yourself with the car and all post and
start begging peeps to help you repost please how much is that repost
bringing to your table

Yes, it’s good to have the good things of life but you must learn these
things are not for public display, they are your personal achievement..
You don’t need to buy a car and tell us about your life drama, we care
less… It doesn’t mean we are not happy for you but a yoruba adage says
“Ti isu eni ba ta, a man fi owo bo je ni” A lot of people have done

worse things trying to live up to the fakeness they see on IG, some even
borrow cars and all to post just to live the fake life, I know of some
actually warming the bed of car dealers just to come to IG every
5-6months to post cars that were given to them just temporarily…. When
you don’t even have a steady income as an upcoming actor and you went to
get an higher purchase car of 6million and above and only dropped
1million, please how do you intend paying the rest, how much are you bn
paid per movie, what’s the sense in this foolishness?? He continued:

your soul to the devil just to come brag on IG or selling your body for
material things. As much as I don’t want to talk about this, it is
becoming alarming day after day what my people do just to come here on
IG to display their childishness and foolishness. “Omo oju o ri ola ri,
lo n so omo e ni ola ni yo nu” Instagram is supposed to be a means of
promoting your business and projecting your creativity and ideas to the