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Doctors To Begin Wearing Stamps From April 1

Daily Gist Staff



The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has picked April 1 for the commencement of full usage of doctors’ stamp.

The association put this in place as a check against unqualified and quacks who masquerade as doctors.

This was disclosed on Saturday by the NMA president, Prof Mike Ogirima, in Lagos.

He said the body has noticed a sharp increase in mortality rates ad increase in disease burden which can be traced to the high number of quacks in the system.

He said the stamp would contain features that would allow for easy differentiation of a professional doctor and a quack.

These features include the full name of the bearer and the institution s/he qualified from. Failure to have it and have it on by April 1st would attract a fine.

“The implication of the stamp is that if you are a medical doctor and do not have the stamp you are a quack.

“With effect from April 1 we expect all documents emanating from doctors all over the country to bear doctors stamp and they should start using it on all medical-legal documents.

“The rate of fake practitioners in the medical field is on the high side, so affecting the usage of the doctors’ stamp we will be able to curb the menace,’’ he said.

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