Ekweremadu Proffers Solution To Crises In Nigeria

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has called on Nigerians to embrace dialogue rather than force in settling disputes.

Ekweremadu noted this at the first procedural session of the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace, which was launched in Valetta, Malta, over the weekend.

He said man was, “besieged by a groundswell of intolerance, injustice, racial discrimination, and ethnic hatred, leading to violence, conflicts, extremism, terrorism, insurgency, and all forms of restiveness.”

He added that, “So, dialogue, tolerance, and soft power are not only capable of averting conflicts, they win the peace, and win people over.”

According to him, “Importantly, whatever we do, we must bear in mind that justice is a bedrock and natural enabler of peace.

“Justice is so central to peace, security, and prosperity of the human society that the Oath of Office contained in most constitutions seek to ensure that leaders do justice to all manner of people.

“Societies run into storms when leaders observe this all-important oath in the breach and elevate bigotry and inequity to state policy.

“They forget that no man, who feels unjustly treated will be interested in peace. We must do justice, giving every segment of the society a sense of belonging.”

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