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Charles Oruru, the father of the then 13-year-old girl, Ese Oruru, who was abducted and taken to Kano where she was allegedly raped, forcibly Islamised and married off without her parents’ consent, has cried out over government’s failed promises.

Charles said all the promises made by the governments of Bayelsa and Delta states with regard to Ese’s scholarship had not been fulfilled.

Ese was allegedly abducted on 12th August, 2015 at her mother’s shop in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State by a man named Yunusa Dahiru (alias Yellow) and taken to Kano.

She was rescued on February 29, 2016, by the Kano State Police and placed in the custody of the government.

It was later found out that she was five months’ pregnant with her abductor’s child.
Charles spoke with Punch on Thursday, saying, “A lot of things have happened. As Ese was delivered of her baby, three months after, some people attempted to steal the baby but God helped us, they did not succeed.

After that incident, I had to fight to take Ese and the baby from there. So, we have taken them to Ughelli in Delta State. I am the only one living in Yenagoa. As they left, I started making efforts to get the scholarship the Bayelsa State Government promised Ese after giving birth.

Since she gave birth, the scholarship promised Ese has not materialised in spite of all our efforts. The government asked one official to look for a house for us . We were given a two – bedroomed flat at Okaka in Yenagoa . But because of some issues, we have left the apartment; even FIDA and the NGOs helping us appear to have backed out.

Even the court matter is another funny aspect. We went to court last in August 2017 before they took the trial judge to Abuja and up till now, the judge has not come back. Because of the absence of the judge, the matter has been stalled.

When I tried to find out what was amiss, somebody in the court told me that the trial might commence in 2018 but we do not know when that will be.”

As for Yunusa , Charles said the suspect had been freed from Okaka Prison , Yenagoa and flown to his hometown in Kano State.

On whether Yunusa had been taking care of Ese’s baby, he said, “God forbid! The baby is in our possession . We have been taking care of the baby . He has not called anybody . Anyway, it is expected because the child is not his.

The child belongs to me . He did not pay any bride price to anybody. We do not marry off our daughters like that in Urhobo land. If you want to marry, you must seek the consent of the parents to give you a wife.”

He added that Ese was well and kicking, stressing that she is now an SSS2 student in a school in Ughelli.

We pay for her school fees. Contrary to speculation, the government of Delta State is not responsible for Ese’s fees. We sought their help but they did not offer any. The school my wife took her to before, we were not able to pay before one Good Samaritan assisted us in paying for two terms.

Anyway, by the grace of God, Ese ’s schooling is going on well. Someone is assisting us to offset the school fees. Since September, the baby has been in our possession. I won’t like to give my grandchild to anybody.”

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Nnamdi Kanu Declares Sit-At-Home On Presidential Election Day

Daily Gist



Kanu while addressing members of his group in a live radio broadcast which was monitored by Daily on Saturday vows to ensure the total compliance of the order to sit at home.

Kanu threatened that there would be no elections in the southeast unless there was a referendum to determine if the Igbo would have Biafra.

Daily understands that Kanu narrowly escaped  to Israel after Nigerian Army during their Operation Python Dance in the Southeast in 2017 raided his home in a gestapo style of operation killing no fewer than 20 persons.

He is leading a separatist group for the independence of the region from the Nigerian state.

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Atiku Warns Buhari Over Move To Remove CJN Onnoghen

Daily Gist



The Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress to avoid throwing Nigeria into an avoidable crisis over their desperation to sack the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen.

Atiku in a statement issued in Abuja on Saturday through his Special Assistant on Public Communication, Phrank Shaibu, said the principle of separation of powers remains sacrosanct in a democracy irrespective of what President Buhari is being told by his advisers or the buttons they are pressing to forcefully remove the CJN.

Atiku noted that the plot to sack Justice Onnoghen was a preemptive move against the bench in the face of imminent defeat and knowing the role that the judiciary plays in the final outcome of elections.

He said, “We have just been made aware of the plot by President Muhammadu Buhari the All Progressives Congress (APC) to sack Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen using flimsy assets declaration issues as a pretext.

“We are aware that there are plans to arraign Justice Onnoghen before the Justice Danladi Yakubu Umar led-Code of Conduct Tribunal on Monday, January 14, 2019.

“The charge against Onnoghen, we understand has already been filed and served on him last Friday at his official residence in Abuja preparatory to his appearance at the Tribunal.

”But we warn that despite the clandestine meetings in the highest echelon of the APC and also involving some top officials of the federal government which include the Code of Conduct Tribunal, neither Buhari nor the APC can re-write the Nigerian Constitution just because of its impending defeat at the February 16, presidential election.

“Heavens did not fall when PDP lost to the APC in 2015. And heavens will not fall now that the APC is sure to lose to the PDP, seeing that the APC’s plan to rig in the forthcoming elections will not pull through.”

Atiku said that their plan is to enable acting Chief Justice of Nigeria to sit on his election petition because he has seen the signal that he will lose the February 16 presidential election.

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How Buhari, APC Plan To Rig 2019 Elections – Atiku

Daily Gist



The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is strategizing to steal ballot boxes during the 2019 elections.

Atiku said this at the Polo field in Jos, the Plateau State capital, during the party’s presidential campaign rally this weekend.

“My brothers and sisters of Plateau State, I want to promise you, if you vote for PDP, we are going to restore peace and unity in the state,” Atiku added.

“We will sit down with leaders of all the communities, religious groups in the state, and make sure that we restore peace and unity in the state.

“So that the state will continue to be known as the economic hub of the middle belt.

“Secondly, the PDP government will ensure the provision of jobs and business entrepreneurship for those who cannot work.”

He added, “I want to appeal to you to vote for PDP, and remain at your polling units after voting so that they do not still your votes; because the APC is not campaigning, they are not communicating with you, all they want to do is to steal the election and we will not allow them to do that.

“Let me appeal to you, don’t allow yourself to be deceived, vote PDP from top to bottom, vote PDP all the way.”

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How Buhari Has Again Shown He Is Cloned, Zombie – Nwosu

Chukwu Ebuka



National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu, has said that by handing his campaign over to National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, President Muhammadu Buhari has again shown that he was cloned.

Nwosu was quoted by the Guardian as saying that the President’s action was scandalous, noting that, “There are three ways one can explain this: It is the character of the man to shirk responsibility or we have a zombie in the Villa, whom the cabals are in complete control of, or this whole clone or body-double thing is not a mirage. Certainly, something is wrong.”

Nwosu, who also claimed that Buhari was never available for those who elected him, noted that the nation has been governed by proxies for the last few years.

He continued, “First the rumours of body-doubles and cloned Villa occupants, and now they are no longer disguising or pretentious about it. It has been made clear that Tinubu doubles for Buhari when campaigning to capture power.

“The nation has been governed by proxies for the last few years and APC has allowed it. So, it is left to the Nigerian voters and people to decide during the elections.

“Buhari is never available to the people who elected him. This is why leaders of other nations treat us with contempt. Political leaders and investors all over the world mock us all the time.

“How low could governance get? All indicators score Buhari’s government as the lowest since the Nigerian nation was founded.”

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Igbo presidency is not in Nigeria agenda don’t be deceive Tanko Yakasai revealed

Daily Gist



The assertion of Igbo man been the President of Nigeria is night dream that might occurs probably but it will take years before actualize, the second Republic politician alhaji Tanko Yakasai raised alarm.

He stated this while addressing news media and expressed serious fear on what might be the fate of south east if eventually they are shut out of the Presidency for next 28 years should President Mohammadu Buhari wins his re-election scheduled to take place next month.

He further revealed that this year election will not be an easy type as many Nigerians might think because we have 2 major party just like it was in the 1964 contesting for Presidential election which will definitely trigger war if mismanaged and also warned that a divide of the incoming general election will stir another war in Nigeria sighting how the previous war Nigeria experienced started.

APC and PDP are the two major force in the incoming election, APC have there allies in the South West in support of president Mohammadu Buhari and the other block is the PDP led by Atiku abubarkar and Peter Obi, I see this as something serious that will bring divide with far reaching implications.

If President Buhari succeed in winning his re election, he will rule additional four years and after Buhari, leadership will definitely go back to west which will amount to 8 years added to 4 years under Buhari leadership, it would amount to 12 years.

After the man from south west, there are zero tendency that somebody under APC will be nominated to contest election from the entire South, therefore the candidate will now come from the north after south west leadership.

The idea is that once APC candidate from the north has completed his two terms, presidency will go automatically to the south east or Igbos and south west Yorubas (merged contest) and in that scenario, southeast are not making it to even second on result because it’s a planned deal.

But if PDP with Atiku Abubarkar as presidential candidate wins with his running mate from south east in the person of Peter Obi, they will run the government for maximum 8 years(that is two successful terms) in office. After that, shift automatically go to south east and the possibility is that his running mate Obi who is from south east would become the candidate for the position.

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