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EXPOSED!!! How Nollywood Actresses Sleep With Wealthy And Influential Men For Business Class Trips, G-Wagons

Daily Gist Staff



Controversial on-air-personality and leader of the Free the Sheeple movement, Daddy Freeze is out again criticizing the wrong doings in the society. This time around, he is not speaking about pastors but about Nollywood and Instagram celebrities. has stated that many Nollywood celebrities are prostitutes. Freeze shared a video of a woman who says women in relationship should not expect their boyfriends to pick all their bills. She noted that a man giving you money is just for you to add to what you have. She said it should not be a necessity. The lady noted that if you are expecting him to pay you after lying with him, she said that translates to prostitution.


Reacting to the video, Daddy Freeze stated that Nollywood celebrities who flaunt expensive bags, wristwatches and a flamboyant lifestyle on Instagram are prostitutes who get that lifestyle funded by sleeping with rich men. He wrote: “Nigerian women need to hear this. Stop following Instagram and Nollywood ‘high maintenance’ celeb role models, who sleep with wealthy and influential men for business class trips, G-Wagons, Hermès bags and Rolex watches while giving credit to God for their ‘blessings’. God is NOT a pimp! Get your own jobs, add value to your lives and stop feeling entitled to wealth you did not create! ~FRZ.”

The religious pundit had also weighed in on another matter recently. He took to his page to repost the video in which the RCCG worker who identified herself as Ruth Babs claimed that she had even told members of the church about her earnest desire to win BBNaija’s money. He then went ahead to give his own comment on the issue. According to Daddy Freeze, he cannot totally blame Ruth and he is not surprised that such statements were being made by her. For him, the church pastors are to blame for this as they have also proven over time that they can do anything for money as well. The on air personality was especially surprised at the lady’s exclamation when she heard that the prize money for the 2019 episode of the BBNaija reality show was N45m. He expressed his dismay at her reaction.


Several people could not also hide their shock at the lady’s statements. Being a church worker at RCCG, they had not expected such remarks from her. This caused them to react in startling manners. The BBNaija craze is everywhere indeed.