He Gave Me A Second Life” – Nigerian Lady Knocked Down By Speeding Danfo Shares Her Testimony


A Young Nigerian Lady identified as Ezemba Olivia Ifunanyachukwu has taken to social media to share the story of how she was miraculously saved after getting knocked down by a speeding commercial bus.

She said she suffered no broken bones, and no injuries as she shared her testimony on social networking site – Facebook.

Here’s what she wrote;

NO I WON’T KEEP QUIET over what the lord has done for me.
DEVIL IS A LIAR!!! Umunnem follow me and thank God for saving me from instant death on 20th of December this year few days to Christmas.

I was knocked down by a Danfo bus on speed running through the wrong way (one way) on the express very close To my house as I wanted to cross through the third of the four lane express way.

That express no one has ever survived any accident there. But God in his infinite love saved my life, no broken bones, no internal bleeding, only few bruise on my upper lap.

People at d scene were surprised that I still jumped up with all consciousness and requested to be taken to the hospital

Who will speak when the lord has not spoken bikonu? ????Of course noone!!!!!

I couldn’t hold it to my self at least I have massive brothers and sisters here who can raise a glorious noise to God on my behalf……..

If I tell people I was knocked down by a bus on high speed they don’t believe me because I am whole hearted and healthy, in fact IT WAS JUST A MIRACLE, a mystery “no one ever survive accident in that express it’s a well known place.

Please Raise a glorious noise to God almighty on my behalf


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