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This is to notify Biafrans, Lovers of freedom and justice worldwide that one of the Attorneys for IPOB, representing our brother Mazi Benjamin Madubugwu, Barr. Inalegwu Adoga is facing serious harassments and attacks, both on the streets of Abuja where he resides and in the sanctuary of his home. Personnel of different Security agencies of the Nigerian Government including the DSS, as well as Hausa-Fulani street urchins in Abuja have for a while now taken it upon themselves to harass and intimidate this honourable attorney.

They always come to the front of his living home in Abuja, shooting live bullets in the air with the sole aim of causing terror and to intimidate him.

Few days ago, they took their barbarity a step further and attacked him on his way to legal matters. They broke the windscreen of his vehicle, hit him with iron rod and stabbed him. Thankfully, he escaped from the attackers.

We IPOB family under the supreme leadership of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are calling the world leaders to warn Nigeria to desist From harassing, intimidating and attacking lawyers handling IPOB matters because the lawyers are doing their legal jobs, without running afoul of any laid down rules.

If the Nigerian government have any case against IPOB family members in detention then they should go to the court of law to prove their cases instead of harassing, intimidating and attacking lawyers. Biafrans however, remain resolute in our pursuit of a sovereign nation of Biafra were we shall live in peace, away from Palaeolithic animals who make decisions and handle the affairs of this British arrangement called Nigeria.

It is shameful and disgusting enough for the Nigerian government to corner the security agencies into a personal tool for oppression and intimidation. To employ the services of Hausa-Fulani street urchins for the same purpose is not only morally reprehensible but portrays the beastly nature of the Handlers of the Nigerian Government.

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