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If biafra freedom fail this year, i will quit from the struggle _ Asari

Daily Gist Staff



The former Niger delta militant was recently declared during the Biafra heroes day the need to restore Biafra freedom this and if it fail this year, he might call it a quit on the struggle for the restoration of United State of Biafra.

Dokubo who stated this during there gathering at the creek located in the Niger delta region of Biafra for the commemoration of Biafra heroes and heroines who was murdered by Nigeria military from 1967 to 1970 and the massacre continues till date.

While addressing the people present, he offer his tributes to the most resilient and uncelebrated biafrans heroes who rejected there various States and choose Biafra freedom as from May 27, 1967 and was later dissolved in 1970 following the surrender of “no Victor no vanquish”.

Those solidly mentioned by Asari Dokubo during his speech are;

1 Ambassador Ignatius Kogbara who was Biafra envoy to London, an ogoni man sighting the he saw the future which his kinsman Ken Saro Wiwa couldn’t see neither do he believe.

2 Mathew Tawo Mbu from Ogoja who was the Biafra foreign Minister from the start of the war till the end.

3 Captain Willy Murray Bruce who was the second in command of the Biafra Air Force an Ijaw man who fought till his last breath to defend the country.

4 Frank Opingo who he described as the father of Biafra, the Biafra Provincial administrator of Yenagoa who gave Biafra it’s name.

While describing the indelible effort put up by biafrans all over the region to ensure the freedom of the people was secured through victory during the War his mood swings that he starts breading fast as tears nearly dropped from his eyes and he calmed down by the people present in the gathering.

He declared his readiness on evangelizing his people about the restoration of Biafra Republic.

In his word “I will get my people together for the War ahead, Nigeria cannot stand us when we match on soon on biafra freedom quest in our land.

He declared that this is no longer days of him been in the social media, that social media days is over now is time for him to go physical.

He call on all ijaws, igbos and other regions within Biafra land to get ready for the struggle and declared that this feat of Biafra restoration must be achieve this year.

If my quest to restore Biafra this year failed, I will call it a quit for Biafra agitation.

Meanwhile today been the first day of June mark his 55th birthday Anniversary.