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Igbo presidency is not in Nigeria agenda don’t be deceive Tanko Yakasai revealed

Daily Gist Staff



The assertion of Igbo man been the President of Nigeria is night dream that might occurs probably but it will take years before actualize, the second Republic politician alhaji Tanko Yakasai raised alarm.

He stated this while addressing news media and expressed serious fear on what might be the fate of south east if eventually they are shut out of the Presidency for next 28 years should President Mohammadu Buhari wins his re-election scheduled to take place next month.

He further revealed that this year election will not be an easy type as many Nigerians might think because we have 2 major party just like it was in the 1964 contesting for Presidential election which will definitely trigger war if mismanaged and also warned that a divide of the incoming general election will stir another war in Nigeria sighting how the previous war Nigeria experienced started.

APC and PDP are the two major force in the incoming election, APC have there allies in the South West in support of president Mohammadu Buhari and the other block is the PDP led by Atiku abubarkar and Peter Obi, I see this as something serious that will bring divide with far reaching implications.

If President Buhari succeed in winning his re election, he will rule additional four years and after Buhari, leadership will definitely go back to west which will amount to 8 years added to 4 years under Buhari leadership, it would amount to 12 years.

After the man from south west, there are zero tendency that somebody under APC will be nominated to contest election from the entire South, therefore the candidate will now come from the north after south west leadership.

The idea is that once APC candidate from the north has completed his two terms, presidency will go automatically to the south east or Igbos and south west Yorubas (merged contest) and in that scenario, southeast are not making it to even second on result because it’s a planned deal.

But if PDP with Atiku Abubarkar as presidential candidate wins with his running mate from south east in the person of Peter Obi, they will run the government for maximum 8 years(that is two successful terms) in office. After that, shift automatically go to south east and the possibility is that his running mate Obi who is from south east would become the candidate for the position.

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