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IT IS ALL BUHARI’S FAULT!! Outrage In Warri, Yorubas Cry Out

Daily Gist Staff



A lot has gone down since the entry of this administration with records of the plunging economy, empty pockets, high poverty rate to mention but a few. This, in turn, has left many Nigerians questioning the acclaimed clergymen who insist this administration is God’s plan for Nigeria. Well, what do we know? The disturbing story I am about to tell will leave you doubting the highly sung INTEGRITY music that has saturated our skies since 2015.

While we are yet to get over the shocking news of the collapsed school building that claimed the lives of young children and adults alike, the video of a young girl in Warri who chose being flogged over being kicked out of school for failure to pay school fees has sparked outrage among Nigerians and we cannot help but wonder where the future of this country lies

My Yoruba people, wait oh, we will address your matter very soon. Just Kamdan!

Back to the gist, so Nigerians are not taking it likely at all. You know, right now they are all looking for who to vent their anger on and the unlucky recipient is none other than our oga at the top himself, President Muhammadu Buhari. Ehen, remember when all the blame went to GEJ. Omo na turn by turn.

Chasing children out of school for failure to pay school fees isn’t new in this part of the world but sadly the high rate has become worrisome especially when a Warri child is involved. Buhari should have taken his economics class more seriously because Warri people have come for his head.