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It’s all a joke, I didn’t separate from my wife – Seyi Law Apologises To His Wife, Debunks Divorce Rumours

Daily Gist Staff



April fool’s day isn’t here already and comedian Seyi Law decided to bring it early. Isn’t this joke too expensive? he has finally come out to say that the divorce gist was all a lie and that he never separated from his wife. More details below.

Comedian Seyi Law says he never separated from his wife and that he was only joking. Around 12.30am on Sunday, Seyi Law posted on his Instagram that he had separated from his wife due to irreconcilable differences.

The story went viral on social media with thousands making comments, wondering why he should do that. But the unserious Seyi Law posted on his Instagram page this morning that he was only joking and that his relationship with his wife was still intact.

“Human beings love bad news ‘sha’. I have been promoting my shows since, very few talks. ‘Abegi,’ I ‘dey’ UK for media rounds. My wife and I are intact. Kai, people can’t even read between the lines. I said PATH WAY not part way. My Ex-wife, ‘abeg’ which one.

“Please, help me spread this one like the fake news. I need to sell tickets. I am sorry the joke is too expensive,” he posted. He took to his Instagram page again to apologise to his wife for the embarrassment.

“I need to apologise to my wife who found the joke highly embarrassing and way out of line. Thanks for bearing my excesses. You are beautiful, kind and definitely the best of your type. God bless you abundantly. I appreciate you always. May God never give us a reason to part ways, but PATH many ways for the future generations to tread.serious,” he said.

This was his post earlier on today when news made the rounds that he divorced his wife:

“Due to irreconcilable differences would have been enough to announce this, but the kind and beautiful heart of my ex-wife must be stated. She is one of the best women I have ever known. “It is however sad, that I announce that my wife and I have decided to part ways for good. We will appreciate your love and support at this time. God bless you. Tiwaloluwa is safe and good,” he said on his Instagram post.

Seyi Law and wife call it quits after 8 years together

Seyi Law had given hint of what to come when he posted on Saturday that he found so much joy in his daughter which was the reason his pain did not matter.

“I find so much joy with Tiwaloluwa Oluwademiladeola Chidera Aviella. You are the reason my pain don’t matter. Too many wishes in my life right. Major announcement later tonight. Don’t be shocked. It is what it is. I am coming,” he had said on Saturday before he dropped the bombshell around 12:25am on Sunday.