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JUST IN!! Insult The President And Find Yourself In Prison, Controversial Law Says

Daily Gist Staff



It is very interesting indeed that a suit which was seeking to challenge to the law which views as a crime throwing an insult to the President of Rwanda, has been rejected by the country’s Supreme Court who also upheld the jail sentence which comes with it.

The new law which stated that anyone insulting President Paul Kagame faces between five and seven years in prison, was challenged by a lawyer, Richard Mugisha who argued it was unconstitutional and undermined freedom of expression.

While the court ruled that the law should remain due to the responsibility that the office holds, it also ruled that a law which prohibits writing articles or drawing cartoons that humiliate MPs, ministers or other government officials should be annulled.

Also the Supreme Court which upheld the law which made it a crime to insult the President of Rwanda and also proposed a jail term, also refused upturning the law which criminalises adultery.

Rwanda, officially the Republic of Rwanda, is a country in Central and East Africa and one of the smallest countries on the African mainland. Located a few degrees south of the Equator, Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rwanda is in the African Great Lakes region and is highly elevated; its geography is dominated by mountains in the west and savanna to the east, with numerous lakes throughout the country. The climate is temperate to subtropical, with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons each year.

The population is young and predominantly rural, with a density among the highest in Africa. Rwandans are drawn from just one cultural and linguistic group, the Banyarwanda, although within this group there are three subgroups: the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa.

The Twa are a forest-dwelling pygmy people descended from Rwanda’s earliest inhabitants. Scholars disagree on the origins of and differences between the Hutu and Tutsi; some believe differences are derived from former social castes within a single people, while others believe the Hutu and Tutsi arrived in the country separately, and from different locations.

Christianity is the largest religion in the country; the principal language is Kinyarwanda, spoken by most Rwandans, with English and French serving as additional official languages. The sovereign state of Rwanda has a presidential system of government.

The president is Paul Kagame of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), who took office in 2000.

Rwanda today has low corruption compared with neighbouring countries, although human rights organisations report suppression of opposition groups, intimidation and restrictions on freedom of speech. The country has been governed by a strict administrative hierarchy since precolonial times; there are five provinces delineated by borders drawn in 2006.

Rwanda is one of only two countries with a female majority in the national parliament.


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