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Kemi Olunoyo Speaks On How Actress Iyabo Ojo Destroyed Her Life As A Journalist

Daily Gist Staff



Controversial Media Personality and journalists Kemi Olunoyo flashes back to when she was sent to jail in 2017 under the influence Iyabo Ojo. Kemi Olunoyo further went to reveal how she got arrested early in the morning as she Was Assured there was no criminal offense committed by her as stated by the Agent.

Kemi expressed her bitterness after leaving jail as she finds it difficult to put things together as it was before, she revealed she has been unable to finish her book, make more investigations as a journalist in the soil of Nigeria

She wrote: “Exactly this minute 7:56am TWO YEARS AGO 3:14:17 Nigerian Police Force Abuja Task Force SARS stormed my mother’s residence (a former first lady) to arrest a Journalist (myself) for posting a newstip sent to her by a purported church member alleging CORRUPTION in a church. After botching the case and arrested three times, I was released after a lot of suffering and hardship.

I lost my business, my reputation as an Investigative Journalist and my integrity. The attorney general of Rivers State said I wasn’t a Journalist, he DEFAMED me as the Pastor Ibiyeomie was also his pastor. Thru the influence of Alabo Tonye Graham-Douglas a four time Minister, clues began to come out after he demanded to see the letter sent to me as a news tip which everyone said I made up, wrote, published etc.

All I did was what a trained Journalist is supposed to do, LOOK FOR WITNESSES! By posting the first page of an 8 page letter which the Authorities had no idea existed. I already won the federal case and was about to won the magistrate case when the police APOLOGIZED and withdrew both cases.

Pastor Ibiyeomie was innocent, I was innocent, with my Investigative Journalism and a Canadian police officer, @instagram proved that the message came in my DM and I did not make it up and someone deleted it while I was in prison. The cops had my phone. Instagram released the number that opened the fake account that sent it, Truecaller revealed the owner of the number as IYABO OJO PINKIES GROUP.

The other actress in the 8 page letter Iyabo was allegedly fighting over a car with Vivian Metchie reached out to me and told me the Pastor involved was NOT Ibiyeomie but Apostle Suleiman. She also said the likely sender of that message was Iyabo’s former PA Gbeminiyi Adegbola who was in the run for allegedly stealing Ojo’s NGO Pinkies money.


Suleiman reached out back to me to check on me November 2018 after I texted him. I replied his text but haven’t been in touch since. Iyabo knew fully well her NGO phone and PA sent an innocent Journalist to prison three times and has never apologized. I trolled her once to get her attention on how she suffered me”.