Some of The lies from The Nigeria Govt against Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB

Some of the lies from the zoo govt against Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB are as follows…

*Kanu arrested with a lady in a hotel room..
*Kanu apologizes to Buhari
*Kanu abandons #Biafra goes for restructuring..
* NBC jams Radio Biafra
*Uwazuruike sacks Kanu as the director of Radio Biafra.
*IPOB members caught extorting money from road users..
*France and US sponsor #IPOB.
*PDP is behind #IPOB sponsorship..
*IPOB divides into TRI_IPOB, RE_IPOB.
*IPOB imports arms into Nigeria from turkey.
*Kanu has dual passports and came into Nigeria with none.
*Nnamdi Kanu sacked as the leader of IPOB.
*We didn’t invade Kanu’s home _ Nigeria military..
*We found petrol bombs, guns and ammunition in Kanu’s home.
*We pursed a truck laden with guns and bullets into Kanu’s home.
*IPOB is a terrorist organization with stones and broken bottles.
And Many more..

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