Meet the twins born in different years +interesting story behind their birth (Photos)

A pair of Californian twins were born in different years despite being delivered mere minutes apart. Their mum reportedly went into labour on New Year’s Eve at 7 p.m, only for the delivery to extend till the new year.
Maria Esperanza Flores Rios delivered Joaquin at 11.58pm on December 31, while she and her husband Joaquin suspected that there was a possibility that their twins would be celebrating separate birthdays.
The second baby had to wait Aitana till reportedly 12.16a.m on January 1 at the Delano Regional Medical Centre before she came out. So an 18 minutes gap between the two babies mean they will bear two different birth years.
It was reported that Maria was originally due on January 27 and then was scheduled for a caesarean on January 10. It therefore came as shock when she went into labour on New Year’s Eve.
Maria and her husband Joaquin, both farm labourers, reportedly have three other daughters ranging in ages from 18 years old to six.
According to Louise Firth Campbell and Amram Shapiro, co-authors of The Book of Odds, the odds of twins being born in different years are around one in 60,000.
So Big brother was born in 2017, while little sister was born in 2018! Both babies were said to have been born safely and soundly and have already achieved global fame only a day after entering the world

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