Middle Belt Union condemns killings by Fulani herdsmen in Adamawa

The Middle Belt Union totally condemn the massacre of Nigerians in Numan by Fulani militias. We hold the government of President Muhammadu Buhari responsible for this crime against humanity. There were plans to massacre by Fulani herdsmen in repraissal attack over attack on Fulani village by an aledged Bachama militia,  but the government of Adamawa State and the federal government did nothing about it. We have reasons to believe that the government allowed this to happen deliberately as everyone saw it coming.
President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration have not only protected both local and foreign Fulani herdsmen/militias and defended, but kept making excuses on their behalf, trying to paint these incessant terrorist attacks as communal clashes instead of terrorist attacks, when local law abiding peaceful farmers are being painted as the aggressor thereby encouraging the Fulani militias who know they can get away with any crime anywhere in Nigeria.
We thank the Sultan of Sokoto for statement on the barbaric incident in Adamawa. The Sultan  sternly told the government to protect the people as it is their duties and responsibilities to do so and to arrest perpetrators.
The Buhari administration have completely failed in handling the Fulani herdsmen problem and kept aggravating it by their inactions and utterances. We, the people of the Middle Belt, want to show our disaffection by saying that if the government refuse to take immediate action and arrest the terrorists, we would mobilize our people against the ruling government in the coming election because it will be that the government does care about us.
By George Onmonya Daniel

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