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More Saga Pastor Joshua Iginla Caught Consulting ifa Priestess

Daily Gist Staff



Who knows ‘Prophet’ Joshua Iginla?
Please read patiently…
An audio of him allegedly consulting a witchdoctor is circulating on the internet.
The content is so scary.

Dr. Sunday Adelaja and Bro. Sunday O. Akinbowale have listened to the audio which is in Yoruba language. And thanks to DSA and bro. Sunday for taking out time from your busy schedules to translate and script the content of the audio in English.

Let me post a summary…

This is from Dr. Sunday Adelaja to me…

“He was consulting with the woman who obviously is a witch or something of sort
He is asking her for the needs he has in ministry
What he should do, or say in certain situations
There were a few needs he brought
1. A politician is waiting for appointment after which he promised to bring a large sum of money to the pastor, so he needs the woman to make this happen
2. He said he had given some promises in the national newspapers he needs them to come to pass as he was told or instructed by the gods
3. One of such prophecy is that Jonathan will win. The pastor says he is troubled because his prophecy is everywhere he is afraid that if it doesn’t come to pass people won’t understand him
4. The witch doctor spoke some strange language as if speaking in tongues and said she got the information from the ancient ones that Jonathan will win
5. She keeps speaking this strange language, in one of the episodes she warns him about some taboos he violated
6. One of such is that the wife was not to show up in a certain church service but she did, for which he apologized saying the wife never told him she would show up that day
7. They were also mentioning the name of another lady Funke as if she is the spiritual partner or wife or something like that
8. He also spoke about going to South Africa to open a new church
9. He wanted the woman to assure him that crowd will be attracted to the meeting
10. Another issue is that his brother started a church or broke away from him against his will. He wants the woman to do so etching about it. She promised that the man’s assembly will scatter
Just pure witchcraft going on
The witch doctor is deceiving him and he is deceiving his followers”.

And this is from Bro. Samuel Akinbowale…
Iginla seems to be in a meeting with a prophetess… I called her prophetess because for the most part, she kept on speaking on behalf of Eledumare ( the name traditionally used to refer to God in Yoruba land)…. It was definitely a secret meeting. The one that Iginla’s wife must not know about. Iginla was consulting her like an Oracle in their conversation. And she kept speaking the same unknown tongue intermittently (almost after every full stop in the transcript below) while giving her prophecies in reply to Iginla’s questions. She seemed to have been there with a baby carried by Iginla as she was speaking..

See their conversation below:

IGINLA: He (a third person) wants to know what to do because the president has promised him ministerial position (appointment), and he is expecting some money, and it is from this money, he plans to give to me to support my church, but the money has not yet materialized. So, he requested for prayers so he can get the money quickly…

LADY: (interrupts in unknown tongues)… It is Good you have come to me, Olufunke to help you work on it. Joy unto him… Congratulations… I say congratulations… Make sure you are praising me, Lord, and thanking me. You will see mighty miracles in your church. Someone is coming soon to give you substantial gift.


LADY: Whether you say amen or not. The person who will bless you with substantial money gift is coming today. Congratulations for today’s incoming blessing. Behold, My child is angry… Olufunke is angry… I have just told you a secret. When she first saw your wife, she thought you should have told her that your wife was coming. Before you came, she wanted to leave and go home. She was planning to leave and then, come back later. Did you see that when you called my child (Olufunke), she was smiling, and that was the time she actually forgave you. So, I really want to congratulate you. Because my child is really working hard for you. If you have a question, ask her.

IGINLA: Please I am sorry (don’t be angry) about the issue of my wife you mentioned. I did not know she would come to the church at that time. Because she already came day before yesterday, and I did not know that she would come again yesterday…
Then, about Gwagwalada’s church, my younger one has started taking my members from me, as he said he was starting his own church. It is very painful to me. But because he is my younger one, I do not know what to do about it.

LADY INTERRUPTS… (speaks the same unknown tongue)… (says something not clear)… Leave him… Olufunke is working on it for you. Whenever he comes down, tell him “Awo kii dale awo” (occult does not betray occult)… You will not be put to shame.


LADY: You shall continue to make progress


LADY: It is a heavenly decree. See before you is a precious fruit, that Eledumare has brought for you, through my child, Olufunke. Did you see the gift that Olufunke gave you? Make sure you use it thoroughly. It is a great gift, especially the part of the gift that is a perfume. This is a great secret I am sharing with you. It simply means everlasting mercy. It is time for me to depart. If you have more questions, ask me.

IGINLA: About the church in South Africa, we plan to start on the 25th. I like to see multitudes come to the church and that the church becomes established. I thought it is important to let you know about it, because week after the next one is when I plan to travel over there.

LADY: (interrupts with unknown tongue)… It is well… The spirit of my child will follow you over there. This Olufunke you are looking at, ( this is a great secret, me Olodumare is revealing to you)…she is not a young person at all… She is “amu jodun”( a joy distributor among a congregation)…This is the work I have assigned for her. This is what I sent her to this world to do. Even your own children are among them too now…including the one with you… and the one in Jos. So, I congratulate you. Evil doers will not ruin your life.

IGINLA: Amen… Amen

LADY: If you have more questions, ask me

IGINLA: About Nigeria, all the prophecies I gave are published in news papers. Many people are disturbing me because of current happenings. Sometimes, I get so afraid (as a human still in the flesh)…

LADY: The seat belongs to the person sitting on it right now. There is no one who can change it. I am Eledumare, who does not say one thing and do another. Jonathan is the one. No one can take that seat from him. He is the one there. And I (Eledumare) am the one who put him there. Make sure you are not doubtful. Whether they vote for him or not, he is the owner of the seat.

IGINLA: Thank you… Thank you…

LADY: (interrupts in the same unknown tongue)… Let me start going…

IGINLA: Thank you very much… Thank you… What about the issue of Gwagwalada? Make sure you are helping me with prayers regarding it…

LADY: (unclear words)… Will the choir be going?

IGINLA: Yes… I plan to take few choir members there to help me support it, on Thursday. We have a program over there on Thursday

LADY: I should be there… Hope he/she has not poured tea on you?

IGINLA: Don’t worry… It is a normal thing (for a Dad)

LADY: Daddy loves you so much…(talking to the baby)

IGINLA: Thank you

LADY: And I apologize that it is small ( probably referring to the gift or time spent with him, given that she was in a hurry to leave)…

IGINLA: Thank you so much…

(Sounds like he is opening the gift, removing the rapper… opens the perfume, and starts spraying…zips up bag)

If this audio is anything to go by, then these men ought to be arrested for fraud.


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