Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and the Rest of Ndigbo by Paddy Anyatonwu


I feel pains in my soul as I write this. Without mincing words or fear of contradiction,

Paddy Anyatonwu supported the IPOB’s agitation anchored by the indefatigable Comrade Nnamdi Kanu.

Though, I was not a member of the group, I wrote for them. I worked for them. I advised some of them. I spoke with many of the members. Many adopted me as their intellectual Dede. Others disparaged and insulted me silly.

I believed in the course. In spite of all, I loved them. They are my people. I am a Biafran.

I will remain so. However, in the days of yore, Igbo political leaders were falling on top of each other to romance with Comrade Kalu. Not a few identified with him. The call for restructuring reached a fever pitch. Kalu pushed and tugged.

The political environment reached 98.5 centigrade.

His name was a meal ticket. Also, Paddy disagreed with some of the strategies to realise Biafra, but Comrade changed Nigeria. He defied the Northern establishment to the point of blocking the veins that pumped red blood corpuscles to their capillaries.

They grasped for breathe and started singing restructuring. The firmament was so charged that Gov. El rufai was appointed by APC to chair a committee on restructuring. When all was done to compromise Kalu failed by the political elite, they decided to put him off the radar.

They did! My Worry: Kalu is an Igbo who saw what many did not see or saw but kept mute. Since his disappearance or possibly death, no Igbo man of repute has asked questions about him. Ohaneze and five Eastern Governors suddenly went into a protracted slumber. Professor Ben Nwabueze, Dede, where are you. Are we all spineless? Ok.

Let’s believe that Comrade Kalu never listened, are we still angry unto his death or perpetual disappearance? Hewoooo! My heart bleeds. Palpitation has enveloped my heart thereby increasing the beat dangerously. Where is the Aka Ikenga? What of Igbo Youth Movement? Igbo Youth Groups? Elliot Uko,

I am looking for you. Duty has called. Arise and ask for thy brother. Where are the Igbo journalists? Who sent the Igbo Intelligencia on an errand? When did we become cowards even to the point of asking questions? Women groups, have you all stopped to be mothers? Hewoooo! Oginidi? Negodi how we are falling the hands of our younger ones. Taboo! Anathema! Aru! Anu ozo anaghi ekuru agu nwa! Ndigbo, arise. Arise and ask for thy son. No other tribe would have sacrificed their son this heartless way. Biblically, sons are always welcomed back home. Let’s look for Comrade Nnamdi Kanu. If he is dead, let’s give him a befitting burial. If he alive, where is he? Tears are blurring my screen! Chai! I can’t write again. My heart is heavy. Russell Bluejack, you are doing a wonderful work. Posterity will be kind with you. Jisike!

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