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Nwodo Speaks On Killing Of Catholic Priest By Herdsmen

Daily Gist Staff



The President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nnia Nwodo, has slammed security chiefs, saying they are incapable of putting an end to killings across Nigeria.

The Ohanaeze leader was speaking on the killing of two Catholic priests, Gor Joseph and Felix, by Fulani herdsmen in April.

Speaking to Sun, Nwodo wondered why no herdsmen had been arrested for over two months now, even as the herdsmen had in a video, after the killing, wore the uniforms of members of the choir they had killed, making songs with all their faces showing.

He said: “Why is it that everywhere, Fulani herders have killed, murdered people in their numbers, the police arrived after; the whole essence of security is prevention, not management of crime after it has happened.

“An effective security must prevent a crime from occurring; in order words, it must have information, surveillance, it must have capacity to predict what the criminal is likely to do. We look at all these, social media are awash with pictures of Fulani herdsmen with riffles; their faces are there and nobody has arrested any one of them; those who are arrested, no one is prosecuted. You get the impression that it’s a religious war.

“What on earth justifies herdsmen entering a catholic church while the service is going on and murdering two priests; parishioners and members of the choir?

“And turning round to wear the uniforms of members of the choir; making songs and caricature of them with all their faces showing, trending on the social media with the entire Nigerian security system seeing them and somebody tells you that this is Libyan inspired.”