Sars Police Mercilessly Beat Up Pregnant Nigerian Lady To Coma Till She Lost Her Set Of Quadruplets


A dancer known as Janemena on social media was brutally attacked by Delta state police officers and so was her sister and a pregnant friend who went into a coma as a result of the brutality.

In the videos shared by Jane, some policemen can be seen slapping her younger sister. Her friend was also seen in one of the videos lying unconscious in the middle of the road. She said it was the officers who strangled her then tried to escape afterward. She went on to reveal that after the pregnant woman was taken to the hospital where the doctor informed them she was pregnant with quadruplets.

Police brutalize popular dancer, her sister, and a pregnant friend who went into coma as a result (video)

The attack left all three women with serious bodily injuries that landed them in the hospital. Jane had swollen tissues and had to have her hand bandaged. She said the police officer in charge later came to meet them in the hospital, offered NGN30,000 for their treatment then begged them to delete the videos of the assault and forget about it.

Police brutalize popular dancer, her sister, and a pregnant friend who went into coma as a result (video)This whole issue started from a guy who refused to reverse back a little for my friend to drive by as she couldn’t go back herself Cos of the way my street was filled with stones and her car was really low. She then left her car on the same road the guy blocked and walked down to my house, 3mins later, we saw police men from ZONE 5 around the car, they were actually patrolling and stopped, I hurriedly told my friend to go check it out thinking we could resolve the situation amicably, on getting there, they were about to loosen her plate number leaving the other guys car that actually blocked the road and that’s when I intervened on her behalf, the minute I said “oga abeg leave the plate number” that’s how these guys shouted at me, WILL YOU GET OF HERE YOU BASTARD, YOU ARE BECOMING AN UNBECOMING, pointing at me, at this stage I asked him not to intimidate us with his guns or power, and that’s when he jacked up my dress, my kid sister came and intervented, before I could say “jack” these police men were dragging her on the floor, hitting her from left, right, centre and above. She actually fainted and another slap woke her up from her slumber. Thank God for a guy who came to save her from their grips, then a police woman that wasn’t on uniform, came at me shouting while we were resolving this issue again o. YOU THINK SEY YOU DEY MAD, I MAD PASS YOU, and then she came jacking at me too o and I held her dress close to her chest too to leave mine alone and that’s how they said I have beaten up a police woman “who wasn’t on uniform” these men put their handcuffs on me and was dragging me on the road to their hilux car, carrying me and hitting me like I was a criminal, all these, I still refused to enter and this went on for about 7mins before a soldier guy came and said if we must go anywhere, it must be his car I would enter, i agreed and went into his car, at this point he started asking me, what happened, my dear brothers and sister, the next thing I saw was the policeman hitting my pregnant friend telling her to stop the video and it resulted to her strangling her neck and she went into coma. CONT FROM PIC.



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