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Successful Sit-At-Home Sign That Igbo Leaders Has Been Rejected – IYM, IWA

Daily Gist Staff



Two South-East groups, the Igbo Youth Movement and the Igbo Women Assembly, Thursday, described the success of the sit-at-home observed by Ndigbo on May 30 as a rejection of “self-acclaimed Igbo leaders.”

They spoke in a joint press statement signed by Evang. Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko of the IYM and Chief Mrs. Maria Okwor of the IWA.

According to them, the obedience to the sit-at-home order showed that the masses were with the Biafra agitators and not with the Igbo leaders.

The groups said Ndigbo spoke with one voice by completely paralyzing the region in demonstration to the world where they stand.

“Despite intimidations, harassment and threats from certain quarters, our people resolutely stayed indoors yesterday”, they said in the statement, commending the people for standing on the truth.

It further described the action as “particularly interesting, in spite of the spirited effort by government apparatchik to pervert the truth through inducement and blackmail.

“We congratulate the people of Eastern Nigeria. Government owned media reports hundred percent compliance in Aba, Nnewi, Onitsha, etc and over 70% compliance in other areas, the people have spoken.

“One year ago, after another successful sit-at-home, some people issued quit notice, mounted pressure, which led to unprovoked attack at Afaraukwu, in active connivance with collaborators, to kill innocent souls, whose only crime is, that they have lost faith in Nigeria as currently constituted and therefore seek freedom from relentless oppression by a ruthless oppressor who proudly values cattle over human life.

“Again yesterday, our people demonstrated in no uncertain terms that we are completely tired of unitary Nigeria.

“If a referendum were to be conducted today, it is clear that the old Eastern region would vote 95% out of this hellish country.”

They described the successful sit-at-home as “a quasi referendum on where the people’s soul and spirit lie. The result is too clear for even the blind to see.

All Posts“Again, this development confirms that the pseudo leaders of our region who have paraded themselves as ‘leaders’ for years have finally lost it. They have just become leaders without followers.

“This is also an affirmation that no amount of operation cobra jump or operation viper fly can subvert the will of the people.

“We comment the leadership of the most oppressed and most persecuted mass movement in the world, for their patience, tolerance, endurance and ability to lead, direct and guide the masses of Eastern Nigeria with humility and determination, in spite of the provocation of a clearly clueless oppressor.

“An oppressor who has exhausted every brutal strategy, including slaughtering thousands of unarmed agitators in cold blood, just to sustain an unworkable unitary structure, by fire, by force.

“For our pseudo leaders, we advise, they reconnect with this mass movement for their own good.

“Proscribing the most popular and most powerful critical mass in the region, does not really make sense.

“The narrative that the agitators are a small, troublesome and violent group has been permanently destroyed. The truth, which is that they proudly live in the hearts of the masses, has been roundly reaffirmed in a most dramatic manner.

“It is idiotic for anybody to continue to dwell in falsehood. The people spoke so loudly by staying indoors. Their message reverberated all over the world.

“The attempt to brand a mass movement that is the authentic voice of the people a terrorist group, has fallen through, into the pit toilet. The people themselves spoke in a loud voice.”

“Our word for the leaders: you are nothing without the masses. Organizing events, only, with the help of security protection is bad enough.

“The clear obedience by the masses to the group you proscribed is a very loud indictment. De-proscribe them and work with them. Those who have ears let them hear.”

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