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Those northern leaders who behaved like Tigers towards Jonathan have suddenly become lambs to Buhari – Shehu Sani

Daily Gist Staff



In a tweet on Saturday morning, Lawmaker representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani has described those who attacked former president Goodluck Jonathan when killings happened have suddenly become mute.

The federal lawmaker, who won’t be returning to the 9th Assembly, having lost his reelection bid said critics under the reign of Jonathan were like tigers but under the present government of President Muhammad Buhari have become ‘fierce’ like lambs.

According to him, political and religious leaders from the north did not spare the ex president and mounted pressure on him with aggression.

When killings in the north happened under the last administration,political and religious leaders from the north behaved like Tigers in putting pressure on the Government to act;Under this administration,they are as ‘fierce’ as a lamb, he wrote.