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Try These 7 Rope Asanas For A Healthy Life

Daily Gist Staff



Rope Asanas For A Healthy Life

You must have heard about various yoga asanas and its forms but you will be surprised to know about rope asanas. It is fun and it is performed while using a rope that includes lot of stretching than normal.

Rope yoga helps in strengthening the muscles and keeps you active

Rope yoga is generally meant for those whose body is stiff and who are physically weak to practice certain asanas. So by doing rope asanas and taking the support of rope they can perform various asanas with much ease under the supervision.

Let’s take a look at certain rope asanas that will help you in gaining strength and keeps you healthy.

1 Upper Abdominal Rope Exercise

This helps in toning and strengthening your stomach abs

This exercise helps in strengthening the stomach and abs along with your back, arms and thighs. For this you need to lie down on your on your back and stretch your legs straight. Now lift your legs straight up and with the help of a rope suspend them to 60 degrees angle. Keep pulling the rope till you feel a stretch in your leg. You need to repeat this exercise for about 20-25 times in a go and keep your pace in rhythm while doing this asana.

This exercise is as good as your jogging for good half an hour as this helps in keeping your breathing in pace and opens up your lungs so that you can breath freely. It helps in increasing the oxygen supply, lung power and also helps in distributing minerals and vitamins in the body. For this, you need to lie down on on your back with legs stretched out and arms straight. Keep both your legs in the rope and lift them one by one so that it feels as if you are walking. Repeat this for 4-5 minutes and you will see the difference in your overall health.

This exercise helps in reshaping your butt and bust line

This exercise helps in reshaping your butt and bust line and is good for toning the muscles of your legs as well. For this you need to lie down by one side and then hold your head into your palm. Your other hand should be in front of your chest placed on the ground comfortably. For this exercise you need to keep both your legs onto the ropes and then lift the upper leg and keep it there for atleast a minute. Then give it a rest and raise your left leg and repeat the same process. You can also add a third rope at your back and pull it along these two ropes to maintain the pressure on the lifted leg.

This exercise helps you in keeping the blood circulation healthy, provides relief from constipation and also reduces leg aches as well. For this exercise you need to lie straight on your back on the ground and bend your knees. Now hang your knees into the ropes and pull your legs closer to your chest as long as you can hold them closer. After that bring them back to the starting position. This should be repeated 10-15 times at a stretch.

This helps in giving strength to the shoulders and keeps your shoulders mobile

This exercise helps in enhancing the mobility of your shoulders and also gives strength to your arms, hand and back muscles. It also helps in deepening your breath and keeps it free from any obstruction. For this exercise you need to sit on the floor and keep your back and legs straight. Keep your hands on your thighs and now start stretching your your arms turn by turn grasping the rope on the wall. Stretch your hand and grasp the rope turn by turn while inhaling. While you exhale, keep your arms straight and then lower it slowly towards your knee.Now relax your arms and repeat this exercise 5 times with each arm and grasp the rope for a better support.

This exercise helps in toning your muscles and improves your memory and concentration. It also helps in increasing the concentration and memory power. For this exercise you need to lie on the floor on your back with your legs stretched straight. Keeps your arms by your sides and lift your feet to the ropes and start the cyclic motion. You need to cycle for about 5-10 minutes by keeping the motion regula