We have a President who does not know anything — Babatola

Babatola S. Amuda like other concern Nigerians who have been asking questions about President Buhari’s ‘strange’ attitude since assuming office in 2015, is with the opinion that a President who does not know what is happening in his own country is not worthy of the seat he occupies.
He said;
“Buhari never knew who stole 2016 Budget.
“He never knew his Chief of Staff was in NNPC Board.
“He never knew that dead people were in the Board Appointment list that he signed.
“He never knew that Maina was reinstated.
“He never knew that his Government was still running ‘Oil Subsidy’ scheme.
“He never knew he is 74. He thought he is 73 until they told him.
“He never knew how rats chased him away from his office.
“He never knew that his wife who belongs to za oza room now retweets posts from PDP that accuse him of corruption.
“He does not even know that Kaduna, Taraba, Plateau and Benue States have been hit with genocide led by the notorious Fulani Herdsmen.
“What else does Buhari know?” He questioned.

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