Who can change Buhari? Even his wife in the other room cannot, says Gumi

Sheikh Hamed Gumi, a northern cleric, says it is impossible to change President Muhammadu Buhari because even his wife who has access to the other room cannot.
The Islamic cleric said this in a scathing interview published by Punch on Saturday.
When asked why he chose to criticize the President instead of advising him on how best to lead the country, Gumi said: “I cannot get to the other room with him because I am not his wife but even somebody who has access to the other room cannot get ideas into his head.
“How do you blame somebody who does not have access to the other room? You cannot change Buhari. He is already cast in a mentality. He believes that most Nigerians, if not all, are rascals, thieves and 419. He believes only his own circle are the good people. You cannot get across anything.
“He has castigated Nigerians in many fora and everybody to him on knows that. He is somebody who always blames others; he does not take responsibility for anything. We are not castigating him. We are talking about this publicly for two reasons: first, his followers have to accept something is wrong.”

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